Welcome to the adventures of this touring toy and his crazy pet journo who randomly posts some of his works here.

About the touring toy

Harumi, Tokyo 2016

Harry might be crazy for making friends with this crazy human. He is an ‘able’ Singapore-based clerk who once listened to the crazy one’s dying wishes when no one bothered to. Little did the crazy one know that Harry is sick and he won’t get better anymore. I think the universe forced them to be friends -bounded by a promise to survive: one who has all the time but wishes to quit, and another who has everything but time.

Harry was born on April 8 (so I’d never forget again… like ever!)



About his crazy pet journo

Odaiba, Tokyo 2016

26 (2017) | Philippine-based writer and frustrated mariner | Single, loves the idea of love more than love | Cancer | Loves water | Sarcastic and moody | Loves to travel | Cooks good spaghetti | Goes to cinemas alone | Bipolar and definitely not a morning person | Beer belly courtesy of the past | Sober and coffee enthusiast | Limited to three bottles of beer | Smokes when stressed which is almost all the time | Second to a brood of 5 | Does basic creatives for media prints  | Loves music | Writes poems in a minute | Living proof you can get paid for writing with so-so grammar (that’s what editors are for! Lol) | Awesome