My satanic love for Mirajane Strauss

…And there I was, ranting about ‘Oggy and the cockcroaches’ and how the producers turned such antagonistic creatures into protagonists (in a children’s show!) when here I am, madly in love with the demonic femme fatale Mirajane Strauss of Fairy Tail.


Don’t be deceived -she eats poison and can annihilate a whole town in a single blow.

Mirajane is the eldest of the three Strauss siblings who mastered ‘take-over’ -a magic that allows the caster to take form of a particular set of creatures by consuming their spiritual energy- in her case, demons. Her magic is called Satan-soul.

Satan Soul (c)

Before finding a family at Fairytail, Mirajane and her younger siblings, Elfman and Lisanna (who haven’t discovered Beast-soul and Animal-soul yet by then), escaped from their hometown after Mira grew scales and claws in her right arm, and the townspeople started attacking them -believing she was the demon terrorizing the town. Little did they know that she actually defeated the real demon by taking-over it. (Duh, humanity!).

She alone converted me into an Otaku. I even had the Fairy Tail emblem once tattooed on my right arm because of my satanic love on her.

(In reality, she’s just a fictional character by Hiro Mashima. Lol)


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