My satanic love for Mirajane Strauss

…And there I was ranting about ‘Oggy and the cockcroaches’ and how the producers turned such antagonistic creatures into protagonists (in a children’s show!) when here I am, madly in love with the demonic femme fatale Mirajane Strauss of Fairy Tail.


Don’t be deceived -she eats poison and can annihilate a whole town in a single blow.

Mirajane is the eldest of the three Strauss siblings who mastered ‘take-over’ -a magic that allows the caster to take the form of a particular set of creatures by consuming their spiritual energy- in her case, demons. Her magic is called Satan-soul.

Satan Soul (c)

Before finding a family at Fairytail, Mirajane and her younger siblings, Elfman and Lisanna (who haven’t discovered Beast-soul and Animal-soul yet by then), left their hometown when townspeople started attacking them after Mira grew scales and claws in her right arm, believing she was the demon terrorizing the town. Little did they know that she actually defeated the real demon by taking-over it. (duh humanity!).

She alone converted me into an Otaku. I even had the Fairy Tail emblem once tattooed on my right arm.

(In reality she’s just a fictional character by Hiro Mashima. Lol)


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